Integrity in Investments: Lessons from a Mobile Home Park Deal

Sep 11, 2023

In the world of investments, where profit often takes center stage, it's refreshing to come across stories that remind us of the enduring value of integrity and customer commitment. In this podcast episode, I'll take you on a journey through my late 2022 experience in the realm of real estate investments, where the choices I made echoed loudly with ethics and long-term vision.

Investing isn't just about numbers; it's about trust, ethics, and ultimately, securing a prosperous future for both yourself and your investors. My tale illustrates this beautifully.

The Mobile Home Park Investment Experience

Late in 2022, I stumbled upon an enticing investment opportunity in the form of a mobile home park. The potential for profit was evident, but as she delved deeper into the deal, she realized that the path forward was littered with legal complexities.

Determined to navigate these complexities with utmost integrity, I decided to engage a new lawyer for the fund paperwork, a crucial move that would soon put my ethics to the test.

The Dilemma: Integrity vs. Profit

The fund paperwork proved to be a formidable challenge. The language used was intricate and, at times, ambiguous. But the real test lay in the potential financial gains that I could have secured by taking certain fees, a decision that many investors might have seen as a no-brainer.

However, my commitment to integrity and SEC compliance created a dilemma. She found myself at a crossroads, torn between reaping immediate financial rewards and staying true to my values.

The Decision: Prioritizing Customers

Ultimately, I made a resolute decision—to prioritize my investors and partners over short-term gains. She recognized the legal risks involved in the fees she could have taken and decided that protecting my investors' interests was paramount.
In this decision, I exemplified the essence of doing the right thing, even when it might have been easier to do otherwise. She chose ethics over expedience, a choice that would reverberate positively through my professional journey.

Strengthening Relationships and Trust

By making the ethical choice, I strengthened the bonds of trust with my investors. They witnessed my unwavering commitment to their financial well-being and knew that their interests came first.

This experience underscores the value of prioritizing investors' interests in the long-term. Trust, once earned, is a powerful asset that can fuel lasting success in the world of investments.

Personal and Professional Goals

Beyond the realm of investments, I harbor broader aspirations. My desire to contribute to building "God's kingdom," a testament to the importance of aligning personal values with professional endeavors.

My journey encourages us to reflect on our own long-term goals, both personal and professional, and the role that integrity plays in achieving them.


In the whirlwind of investment opportunities, it's easy to lose sight of the enduring principles of integrity and customer commitment. My experience serves as a beacon of light, reminding us that these values are not just ethical luxuries but essential ingredients for long-term success.

In the world of investments, as in life, doing the right thing may not always yield immediate rewards, but it paves the path for trust, lasting relationships, and a prosperous future.

Call to Action

Now, it's your turn. We invite you to share your own experiences or thoughts on integrity in investments. Have you ever faced a similar dilemma, where ethics clashed with profit? Join the conversation and let your voice be heard.

And don't forget to tune in to my podcast for more insightful episodes that delve into the world of investments, ethics, and the pursuit of long-term success. The journey awaits, and the lessons are invaluable.

Micy Liu

Founder and Managing Partner

Life Mission Capital