Jamaican Immigrant to Attorney and Real Estate Mogul

Apr 28, 2023

In today's world, many people aspire to achieve success and the American dream. In this podcast episode, Patrick Robert, a successful entrepreneur, coach, and lawyer from North Carolina, shares his journey to success, including his experience in buying and selling companies, coaching and consulting for start-ups, and his diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate. This blog post will discuss Patrick's journey to success, the importance of gaining knowledge, understanding the law in real estate investing, and how to build passive income.

Patrick Robert's Journey to Success:

Patrick Robert is an immigrant from Jamaica who moved to the United States at a young age. He has achieved great success in various fields, including buying and selling companies, coaching and consulting for start-ups, and real estate investing. Patrick credits his success to his hard work and determination, as well as his willingness to take risks and think for himself.

Patrick also discusses the significant Chinese population in Jamaica and their impact on the country's economy. He talks about the pressure immigrant families often place on their children to excel academically, and how grades do not necessarily determine success.

Real Estate Investing:

The speaker shares his interest in real estate, inspired by his stepfather who owned a lot of rental properties. He also talks about his mother, an immigrant who raised him and his sister as a single parent and put both of them through college despite financial difficulties. Patrick emphasizes the importance of understanding the law in various areas of business, including real estate, and how it is essential to have a solid legal foundation to succeed in real estate investing.

Patrick discusses concerns about people buying properties without considering their cash flow or the current market situation. Investing in real estate should be done with specific markets in mind, considering market economics and job growth potential. He shares his experience buying a house during the 2008 recession when there was a large surplus of homes being built. He believes that he has achieved the American dream because of his success in building and investing in real estate.

Building Passive Income:

Patrick shares his interest in money and his desire to build passive income. He believes that meeting syndicators and building relationships on LinkedIn are essential to building passive income. He emphasizes the importance of networking and building relationships to succeed in business.

About the American dream and success, Patrick emphasizes the importance of thinking for oneself and not relying solely on others for knowledge. He also talks about his posting style on LinkedIn and how he aims to inspire others to think. Patrick explains that he wants to be the dominant player in the car wash industry and build passive income, allowing him the freedom to travel the world whenever he pleases. He believes that achieving success only lasts so long and that one must constantly strive for the next target.


Patrick Robert's journey to success serves as an inspiration to all those who aspire to achieve the American dream. It is important to think for oneself, gain knowledge, understand the law, and invest in real estate with specific markets in mind. Building passive income is essential to achieving financial freedom and traveling the world. So, don't wait; start your journey today!

Micy Liu


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