NFL Player to Life by Values

Apr 28, 2023

Travis Swanson's journey from NFL player to financial advisor is an inspiring story of determination, focus, and making family a priority. In this blog post, we will explore Swanson's journey and the lessons he has learned along the way.

The Importance of Family and Finance

Travis Swanson's transition from NFL to financial management was not an easy decision, but one he made with his wife when they sought help with financial planning while he was still in college. Swanson had a passion for football from a young age, but he never compromised the pillars in his life for anything. When Swanson's first daughter was born, he decided to retire from football and focus on family. Swanson believes that family should be a top priority in one's life, and he emphasizes the need for strong pillars that should not be compromised. These pillars are values and teachings that are passed down to future generations. Swanson stresses the importance of financial planning and defining goals to bridge the gap to achieve those goals.

Balancing Money and Time

Swanson's experience with financial planning during his NFL career taught him the importance of budgeting and factoring in all expenses. He advises against market timing and instead advocates for asset allocation. Tax diversification is also crucial when building a financial plan. Swanson believes in customization and an age-specific approach to financial planning. He also has experience with real estate investments, which he believes can be a valuable asset class.

Constant Growth and Evolution

Swanson believes that it is essential to constantly grow and evolve. He believes that values and teachings are crucial for future generations. Creating boundaries to value time, the most precious resource, is also important. Swanson emphasizes the importance of family and seeking guidance from highly successful people, reading books, and gaining experience.

Success Secrets of a Former NFL Player Turned Financial Advisor

Travis Swanson recommends The Power of Zero and Behavioral Investment Counselor as essential reads. He also emphasizes integrating all assets, liquid or illiquid, to achieve ultimate financial goals.


Travis Swanson's journey from NFL player to financial advisor provides many valuable lessons about the importance of family, financial planning, time management, and constant growth and evolution. By making family a priority, building strong pillars in life, and focusing on long-term goals, it is possible to achieve financial success and happiness. Swanson's insights into financial planning, real estate investments, and asset allocation can be applied by anyone seeking to build wealth and secure their future. With the right mindset and guidance, anyone can achieve their financial goals.

Micy Liu


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