What I Learnt in the Casino for the First Time

May 16, 2023

Welcome to the American Dream Builder and Investor podcast, where we explore the world of investing and uncover valuable lessons for financial success. In this exciting episode, we delve into an unexpected source of inspiration—the casino floor. Join us as we share a captivating story from a recent cruise vacation and extract key insights on investing from the ups and downs of casino gambling.

The Casino Adventure

Picture yourself on a dreamy cruise vacation, enjoying the free food, captivating shows, and endless fun. But did you know that beyond the glitz and glamour, casinos offer more than just entertainment? Our journey begins when we stumbled upon the casino onboard and decided to try our luck at Texas Hold 'Em.

Beginner's Luck and Greed

As a novice to the game, I watched my husband play first, absorbing the rules and strategies. Little did I know that fortune was on my side that night. With a stroke of beginner's luck, I landed a straight flush, turning my $20 bet into a staggering $300. The rush of success fueled our desire for more, and we became bolder in our betting.

However, our tale takes a cautionary turn. Despite initially accumulating $250 in winnings, we succumbed to the allure of greed. Instead of stopping at $400, we kept pushing our luck, ultimately losing both our earnings and the original $50.

 Lessons for Investing

I. Investing money one is comfortable losing

Our casino experience served as a poignant reminder of the importance of investing only what we can afford to lose. Through a friend's unfortunate mortgage predicament, we witnessed the repercussions of risking more than one can handle. Let's take this lesson to heart and make wise investment decisions with a safety net in mind.

II. Having a predetermined plan and sticking to it:

Just as we set a limit of $50 for our casino escapade, it is vital to establish clear investment plans. By defining our boundaries and predetermined strategies, we can minimize impulsive decisions driven by emotions. Remember, a well-thought-out plan guides us through the ups and downs, preventing us from straying off course.

III. Avoiding greed and knowing when to stop:

Greed can be a treacherous companion, clouding our judgment and leading us astray. Our story echoes the importance of recognizing when to stop, even in the face of short-term success. By practicing discipline and self-control, we shield ourselves from detrimental outcomes and protect our hard-earned gains.

IV. Enjoying the journey and valuing relationships:

While the pursuit of financial freedom is undoubtedly important, we must not lose sight of the joys along the way. Our casino adventure taught us the value of savoring experiences with loved ones and finding balance in life. Remember to appreciate the small victories, cherish relationships, and embrace the beauty of the journey toward your financial goals.


In the realm of investing, we can find wisdom in unexpected places, even on the casino floor. By reflecting on our cruise experience, we've uncovered valuable lessons that transcend gambling and extend to the world of investments. From investing money we can afford to lose, to crafting a solid plan and resisting the siren call of greed, these insights empower us to make more informed and resilient financial decisions.

So, as you embark on your investment journey, take a page from our casino adventure. Set your limits, stay disciplined, and enjoy the ride. Remember, success isn't solely measured by financial gains but also by the memories we create and the relationships we nurture along the way.

Micy Liu