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April 16, 2024

How to Underwrite a Multifamily Deal

The multifamily market offers enticing returns, but navigating it requires a keen eye and a strategic approach. Underwriting, the process of analyzing a deal's financial viability, is your key to unlocking profitable investments. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and steps to confidently underwrite your next multifamily deal. This guide is created from the talk of Nick Boden of Elevate REM when he appeared on Northwest Arkansas Commercial Real Estate Meet Up.

Step 1: Unearthing Opportunity
Great deals often hide behind motivated sellers. Look for developers eager to move on, owners nearing retirement, or partnerships facing disagreements. These situations can present you with attractive opportunities to acquire properties at a fair price.

Step 2: Building a Winning Business Plan
• Open Communication is Key: Early and frequent communication with the property manager is crucial. They possess invaluable insights into the property's operations and historical performance.
• Budgeting for Success: Involve construction teams to develop a realistic Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) budget. This helps you accurately predict renovation costs and factor them into your overall investment plan.
• Learning from the Past, Shaping the Future: Compare past property performance to your envisioned improvements. This will help you identify areas for operational efficiency and project the financial impact of your plan.

Step 3: Structuring for Long-Term Stability
• Avoiding the Flip Mentality: Underwrite deals conservatively. This ensures you don't end up needing to refinance quickly due to unforeseen circumstances.
• Debt Harmony: Align your debt structure with your exit strategy. Whether you plan to sell or refinance, choose loan terms that complement your long-term goals.
• Partner Power: Ensure clear roles and responsibilities for all partners involved. This minimizes disagreements and fosters a collaborative environment.

High-Level Underwriting: Making Smart Decisions Quickly

The multifamily market thrives on volume. Here's how to efficiently analyze a high number of deals:
• Rapid Market Assessment:
Quickly review deals based on location, price, and basic information to identify promising opportunities.
• The Power of One: Develop a one-page spreadsheet to model historical operations, stabilized Net Operating Income (NOI), and capitalization rates (cap rates). This allows for a quick financial overview.

Bonus Tips
• Second Chances: Don't discard deals you initially passed on. Market conditions can change, making them attractive later.
• Leveraging Expertise: Utilize brokers. Their market knowledge and seller relationships can be invaluable assets.
• Understanding Class: Consider the property class (e.g., A, B, C) as it impacts risk and return profiles.

Beyond the Spreadsheet: A Deeper Dive

While financial modeling is crucial, it's just one piece of the puzzle:
• Brick-and-Mortar Check-Up: Conduct a thorough property inspection to identify potential maintenance issues that could affect future costs.
• Legal and Environmental Due Diligence: Ensure a clean title by performing legal and environmental reviews. This mitigates potential risks down the line.

Multifamily deals demand smarts. Underwriting, the financial analysis, is your key. Find motivated sellers and build a data-driven plan with experts. Structure for stability with conservative underwriting and a smart debt strategy. Analyze deals quickly with a one-page financial model. Leverage brokers and consider property class. Remember, inspections and legal reviews are crucial. This guide gives you the basics, but for complex deals, seek professional help. Conquer multifamily with confidence!

Micy Liu
Managing Partner of Life Mission Capital
Fund Manager of Freedom Growth Fund [email protected]

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